Branding for Biodegradable Food Containers Manufacturer in Vadodara, India

Biodegradable Food Containers Manufacturer Branding – STHAL, hailing from Vadodara, India, stands at the forefront of the biodegradable products industry. Specializing in eco-friendly dinnerware and packaging materials made from bagasse, STHAL’s quest for a brand identity and brand consulting was driven by a commitment to the principles of sustainability and the circular economy.

  • Client Name: STHAL ​
  • Project: Logo Design, Packaging Design, Brand Strategy Design, Brand Consultation
  • Project Location: Vadodara, India
  • Turnaround time: 30 Days
  • Creative Director: Manish Vaishnav


The objective was crystal clear – to develop a logo for STHAL that encapsulates their core values of giving back to Mother Nature as much as they take. This logo had to be a symbol of STHAL’s commitment to the environment and their circular economy ethos.

Our Creative Process:

Under the guidance of Manish Vaishnav, our team embarked on a creative exploration, charting out three conceptual routes. The aim was to create a logo that spoke to eco-friendly businesses, food and catering services, eco-conscious industries, and end consumers, all while aligning with STHAL’s vision for a sustainable future.

The Impact:

STHAL’s new brand identity has significantly reinforced its positioning as a leader in sustainable solutions. The logo and associated branding resonate with their target audience’s eco-conscious values, strengthening STHAL’s market presence and consumer connection.

The Challenge:

In the competitive landscape of biodegradable and eco-friendly products, distinguishing oneself is a significant challenge. STHAL required a logo that was not only simple and recognizable but one that stood out from the competition and reinforced their expansion plans into both dinnerware and packaging industries.

The Creative Solution:

The resulting brand identity is a green thumbprint interwoven with elements of nature, a design that transcends mere symbolism. It embodies STHAL’s human touch in harmony with environmental responsibility. Enclosed within a leaf, the emblem illustrates STHAL’s integral relationship with the Earth, visualizing the brand’s motto, “Sustainably Yours, Nature Approved.”

 Case Study: Branding of Disposable Food Packaging ( STHAL)

Biodegradable Food Containers Manufacturer logo sand art logo
fingerprint logo, Biodegradable Food Containers Manufacturer logo design and logo brief, food product manufacturer logo
Packaging Design for Biodegradable Food Containers Manufacturer
plastic food packing manufacturer logo
Bio Degrable product photo shoot
outdoor factory Ads design for Biodegradable Food Containers Manufacturer
outdoor wall logo design for Biodegradable Food Containers Manufacturer
Reception wall graphics design for food container manufacturer
vehicle graphics design for Biodegradable Food Containers Manufacturer
product photography, Biodegradable Food Containers
Company Name Plate design Biodegradable Food Containers Manufacturer
wall graphics design for manufacturer company
logo design for manufacturer
Employees Cup design Biodegradable Food Containers Manufacturer
Wall Graphics design for Biodegradable food product
Visiting card design for Biodegradable Food Containers Manufacturer
Food plastic manufacturer logo


STHAL’s brand evolution is a testament to the power of thoughtful design, reflecting the brand’s dedication to sustainability and its role in the global shift towards environmentally friendly practices. The case study of STHAL is a beacon for innovative branding in the eco-friendly sector, showcasing how a brand can successfully align its visual identity with its mission for a greener tomorrow.

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