Real Estate Investment firm brand Identity Design Case study in Florida, U.S

Introduction: CREPPI, located in the heart of Florida, US, is a commercial real estate investment firm that aims to generate profits for its partners through strategic real estate transactions. The challenge was to create a brand identity, brand architecture & Brand design that encapsulates their ethos of trust, transparency, mutual respect, communication, and growth.
  • Client Name: CREPPI ​
  • Project: Logo Design, Indoor & Outdoor Design, Office Stationery design, brand architecture & Strategy Design
  • Project Location: Florida, U.S
  • Turnaround time: 30 Days
  • Creative Director: Manish Vaishnav


The primary objective was to develop a logo that resonates with CREPPI’s message of being a reliable investment partner that prioritizes its partner’s interests and ensures profitability through transparent and respectful communication.

The Strategy:

Our branding strategy for CREPPI was meticulously crafted, rooted in a thorough understanding of their business model, target audience, and core values. This foundation guided our exploration of various design routes, all of which embody CREPPI’s unwavering commitment to its partners and the real estate industry. The resulting brand architecture and design elements seamlessly blend to create a cohesive and impactful brand identity for CREPPI.

The Result:

The brand metamorphosis has strategically positioned CREPPI at the pinnacle of the commercial real estate investment landscape in Florida. The cohesive brand identity, coupled with a strong visual emblem, has captured the essence of trust, growth, and successful partnerships, resonating with investors and setting CREPPI apart from its competitors.

The Challenge:

The real estate investment sector is fraught with uncertainty and skepticism, often leaving potential partners hesitant. CREPPI’s challenge was to stand out as a beacon of trust, transparency, and mutual respect, while also highlighting the lucrative returns they could offer.

The Creative Solution:

Our creative director, Manish Vaishnav, spearheaded a holistic brand review and strategy development. We delved deep into CREPPI’s values, market positioning, and target audience. Our goal was to pinpoint the unique selling points that would make CREPPI the go-to firm for real estate investment in Florida.

Our creative exploration led us to design a logo that is both visually appealing and rich in symbolism. The logo features simple, easy-to-read fonts in black, representing CREPPI’s professionalism and clear communication. The building-like silhouettes within the logo reflect CREPPI’s specialization in commercial real estate, while the “C” shape, resembling a growth bar, signifies the potential growth and profits for CREPPI’s partners. This “C” shape also doubles as a visual metaphor for a mobile network bar, symbolizing connectivity and mutual growth.

 Case Study: Branding of a Real Estate Investment Firm

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Our unique approach to branding, rooted in understanding the core challenges of the industry and the specific needs of our client, has resulted in a brand identity that is not just a logo but a powerful testament to CREPPI’s values and commitments. This case study serves as a shining example of how strategic branding, fueled by creativity and a deep understanding of the client’s world, can transform challenges into triumphant success stories.

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