Oil and Gas Engineering’s Innovative Logo Design and Branding Case Study

Fasco LLC, a prominent construction and project development maven, has been pioneering infrastructural marvels in Basra, Iraq, since its inception in 2004. The brand has seamlessly amalgamated local acumen with global technological prowess, catering to a diverse clientele spanning government, semi-government, and the private sector.

Specializing in a spectrum of services including Electrical and instrumentation, Corrosion Treatment, Petrochemical Structural, as well as Mechanical, and Welding Services predominantly for the Oil and Gas industry, Fasco LLC has cemented its position as a one-stop solution for intricate construction needs.

  • Client Name:  Fasco LLC ​
  • Project: Logo Design, Company Profile design. major branding & POP items.
  • Project Location: Iraq, Jordan, Dubai
  • Turnaround time: 45 Days
  • Creative Director: Manish Vaishnav


As Fasco LLC charts its course towards expanding its horizons to the dynamic landscapes of UAE and Jordan, the need for a comprehensive rebranding strategy became paramount.

The Strategy:

Our objective was to construct a logo and branding paradigm that encapsulates Fasco LLC’s ethos while seamlessly integrating its service offerings. The approach was to create a logo that is not just a visual delight but a narrative in itself.

The Impact:

This inventive rebranding initiative is more than just a visual facelift. It’s a strategic maneuver to fortify Fasco LLC’s narrative, ensuring that the brand not only retains its essence but also evolves in resonance with its expanding geographical footprint. The refreshed branding will serve as a beacon, guiding the company towards enhanced connectivity with its audience and propelling its growth trajectory in the new markets of UAE and Jordan. 

The Challenge:

With its rich heritage and an established presence in Iraq, Fasco LLC needed to ensure that its rebranding efforts not only resonate with its legacy but also effectively communicate its core offerings to the new markets.

The Creative Solution:

Our team delved deep into the essence of Fasco LLC, meticulously crafting over a hundred space boards, which eventually culminated into a masterful design narrative. The newly envisaged brand logo is a testament to Fasco LLC’s pioneering spirit.

Drawing inspiration from the intricate network of pipelines integral to the oil refineries, the logo incorporates a stylized pipeline typography that not only spells out ‘Fasco’ but also intricately weaves into an ascending star.

This creative amalgamation of elements is symbolic of Fasco LLC’s journey from its humble beginnings to reaching the pinnacle of success, with the ascending pipeline representing the struggles and the star epitomizing the triumphs.

Oil and gas company logo design description
brochure design for oil and gas company  in iran, dubai
vehicle graphics design for oil and gas manufacturer company
Dairy Design for oil manufacturer company
Wall Outdoor Logo
outdoor hording design
Sketch Logo Design for oil and Gas company
outdoor hording design
badge for uniform design with logo


Fasco LLC’s foray into rebranding is a testament to its commitment to evolving with the times while staying true to its roots. The new logo and branding are not just visual elements; they are a celebration of the brand’s journey, symbolizing its struggles, triumphs, and aspirations. This creative endeavor is poised to not only elevate the brand’s identity but also foster a deeper connection with its audience, paving the way for a future filled with endless possibilities.

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