Creative Brand Logo Design for CBD and Cannabis Product in Arizona, USA.

In the ever-growing market of CBD and cannabis products in Arizona, USA, Nebbii recognized the importance of establishing a strong brand presence. With this objective in mind, they enlisted the services of Manish Vaishnav to develop a distinct and memorable brand logo, along with packaging and indoor & outdoor branding.
  • Client Name:  Nebbii
  • Project: CBD and Cannabis Product Logo Design
  • Project Location: Arizona, USA
  • Turnaround time: 40 Days
  • Concept & Design by: Manish Vaishnav

Brand Communication Strategy

Manish Vaishnav, with his in-depth understanding of the CBD and cannabis market in Arizona, developed a brand communication strategy that highlights the uniqueness of Nebbii’s products while also adhering to the regulatory requirements in place for such products.

Packaging Design:

Packaging was crafted to be not only functional but also aesthetically appealing. The design ensures that Nebbii’s products are presented in a manner that is in line with the brand’s identity, thereby creating a consistent brand experience for customers.


The creative branding strategy implemented by Manish Vaishnav has resulted in a unique and memorable brand identity for Nebbii. The logo, packaging, and branding materials have been well-received by customers, leading to increased brand recognition and market presence.

Logo Design:

The logo was designed to capture the essence of Nebbii’s CBD and cannabis products. By incorporating elements that represent the natural and healing properties of CBD and cannabis, the logo stands out as a symbol of quality and trustworthiness in the market.

Indoor & Outdoor Branding:

Indoor and outdoor branding was developed to ensure that Nebbii’s presence is felt both inside retail spaces and in the wider market. This includes signage, banners, and other promotional materials that feature the brand’s logo and message.
Creative Brand Logo Design for CBD and Cannabis Product
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CBD and Cannabis logo design (2)
CBD and Cannabis logo design
CBD and Cannabis Logos, CBD and Cannabis Logos brief
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The case of Nebbii is a prime example of how a well-thought-out branding strategy can play a pivotal role in establishing a strong market presence. By focusing on the unique aspects of the product and ensuring consistency across all branding elements, Manish Vaishnav has crafted a brand identity that truly represents the essence of Nebbii’s CBD and cannabis products.

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