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Whether launching a new venture or revamping an existing hotel or restaurant, successful branding is essential. Our consultancy specializes in strategic brand design and online marketing, ensuring your establishment stands out. We create compelling identities that resonate both online and offline, attracting and engaging your target audience effectively.

Manish Vaishnav’s Custom Branding Solutions for Hotel & Restaurant

Let Manish Vaishnav craft a unique identity for your hotel or restaurant, blending timeless design with modern online marketing strategies.

Brand Planning & Strategy

With three decades of experience, Manish Vaishnav expertly crafts strategic plans that align with your business goals, setting the foundation for your brand’s long-term success.

Branding & Rebranding

Manish skillfully navigates both the creation and revitalization of brands, ensuring they resonate with current trends while maintaining their core identity.

Hotel & Restaurant Brand Naming

Leveraging his extensive experience, Manish develops memorable and impactful names that capture the essence of your brand and appeal to your target audience.

Brand Book & Guidelines

Manish creates comprehensive brand guidelines that ensure consistency and coherence across all marketing channels, reinforcing your brand identity.

Brand Mark and Logo Design

His innovative designs provide distinctive and timeless logos that establish a strong visual identity for your brand.

Marketing Material Design

Manish designs compelling marketing materials that not only look great but also communicate your brand’s message effectively to your audience.

Signage & Interior Design

He integrates your brand into physical spaces through creative signage and interior design, enhancing customer experience and brand recall.

Website Design & Development

Our team builds user-friendly, SEO-optimized websites that effectively convey your brand’s story and convert visitors into loyal customers.

Social Media Marketing

With a strategic approach to social media, Manish enhances your online presence, engaging with your audience and expanding your reach.

SEO Services

Enhance your website’s search engine rankings with customized SEO strategies that boost online visibility and attract quality traffic, optimizing your digital footprint effectively.

Brand Consultant

Craft distinctive brand identities and strategic approaches that resonate deeply with audiences, ensuring your brand achieves a lasting impact in its market.

Emailer Design

Develop stunning emailer designs that capture attention and drive engagement. Our custom templates are crafted to resonate with your audience and boost your marketing effectiveness.

Did you know? Nearly 90% of potential patrons research hotels and restaurants online before they decide to visit. Is your online presence inviting them in?

Yes, you Heard it Right!

Experience Restaurant Branding with Manish Vaishnav

Experience Restaurant Branding with Manish Vaishnav

With 34+ years of experience, Manish Vaishnav has specialized in serving Hotel, Restaurant, Cafe, Food truck with precision solutions.



Manish Vaishnav brings extensive expertise in restaurant branding, combining innovative design with strategic marketing to elevate your dining brand.


Equipped with a comprehensive set of skills, Manish crafts unique brand identities, develops digital strategies, and creates impactful marketing materials tailored to the hospitality industry.


With Manish Vaishnav, transparency is paramount. Clients are kept informed throughout the branding process, ensuring that all decisions align with their vision and business goals.

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